Membership at Riverstone

We are really pretty casual about membership. We've always joked "If you keep coming back, I guess you're in!" 

The BEST way to start this journey is by coming to one of our monthly newcomers meeting. You can find our when the next one is HERE.

However, we know that it's always super important to be clear about expectations so we've laid out some pretty simple expectations we have about those who would call RiverStone home. 

1. You're a Christian and pressing the gas in your relationship with Jesus. 

           We always want to refuse to simply coast in our pursuit of Jesus. That means we will continually call you to take the next step- no matter where you might find yourself in your walk with God. We think having a commitment or at least feeling some sort of draw to our mission statement "To be a People Growing into Christlikeness" is a good place to start.

2. You're not sitting on the sidelines.

         The difference between membership and 'just-checking-it-out' is pulling a chair up to the kitchen table, getting in on the discussion and even helping with the dishes when we're done :) If you're a member the expectation is that you are shouldering up beside us and helping us push forward what God has called us to do. This may look like volunteering with Kids, helping lead a small group, or helping us facilitate other aspects of our Services and to be financially giving to help us achieve and sustain our mission and vision as a church body. 

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September 15, 2019 Members Meeting

In this meeting we cover:

Updates and celebrations/ Scott returning from sabbatical and new roles in leadership

Members Meeting Keynote File

March 18th, 2018 Members Meeting

In this meeting we cover:

Celebrating healthy changes and progress/ numbers & charts/ Missional Giving Vision / Easter Vision

Members Meeting Keynote File


November 12th, 2017 Members Meeting

Vision for collaboration and preaching rotation/ Chris's story/ New teams/ Holiday Plans

Members Meeting Keynote File

April 1st, 2017 Members Meeting

In this meeting we state our mission and how we plan to achieve that mission as a community of believers. We talk about why we think this statement is the best fit for our congregation and how it can serve to keep us on track with the cross hairs focused in on what we believe is essential. There's a broad, overarching value based plan along with practical, tactical changes we've made and will continue to make in order to accomplish our goal. We end with corporate prayer for our church and community. 

Members Meeting Keynote File